Fabulous 4: A group of gang member inspired by the 4 presidents. They stared their dastardly plans on the Vultra Planet. They committed small crimes, the felony's, then the most awful of all crimes, trying to destroy the planets life source, the 8.0.s glasses. Vultraman met up with them in the old chapel of Tacosuacy, and they fought out an epic battle, and Vultraman stuck them in to the ruins, and he had not killed them, as he went back for them once the old chapel of Tacosuacy fell on earth, he went back so they couldn't escape, tried to do a documentary on it, but it turned out to be another action film (Insert Vultraman 4). Members:

     One Bean Wonder: The One Bean Wonder is the leader of the fabulous 4. He is in love with eating beans, and that's where he gets his powers to evolve into the super One Bean Wonder. He is a great member to the team, even though he has fallen. He has powerful magic, and can create force-feilds that deflect even Vultramans punches.
     Nine Toe: Nine Toe, The magic bean keeper, keeps and cooks the magic beans that The One Bean Wonder eats. He has nine toes, after being poised with a fake Grink, he had to cut it off. He's an alright member to the team, since he is the only one who knows how to cook beans the way One Bean Wonder likes them.
     Vultra Bad-Boy: Vultra Bad-Boy is a curious case. You see, when Vultraman thought he had encapsulated the Fab 4, He had accidently trapped his son, and one of the Fab 4 members escaped. In the ghost zone, Vultraboy had talked to the Fab 4, and joined them. When Vultraman released the Fab 4 (Vultraman 4), he had found out his son had gone bad. He was a bad boy now. He had finally knocked some sense into him. He was good again.
      Carlos, The Sick: Carlos was the bravest warrior in all the Vultra Planet, and rivaled the skills of Vultraman. But like all baddies, She too, fell. She was caught when she was sick, and imprisoned in the wall of the Old Chapel of TacoSuacy. She was released, but couldn't find a pharmacist in the ghost zone, so she was still  sick, and couldn't fight Vultraman, so she left to find a good patch of grass in the cow fields to lay down in to rest until she found a pharmacists at Walgreens.
      Brarugle Slaenur: Brarugle is an Icelandic Villain, who replaced himself with Vultraboy when Vultraman had locked up the Fab 4 in the old chapel of TacoSuacy. He has done plenty of evil, and he has even touched the glasses of Vultraman. He has battled Vultraman many times, and almost won, if Padreq hadn't shown up. The worst, most evil person the Vultra Planet. He is currently lost. we have no info on his location.

Obama and the ninjas: Obama is the leader of this group, trying to get Vultramans glasses. Members:

     Obama: Obama was a part of the 4 presidents, who ran the country with three other presidents. He gathered a group of highly trained Ninjas to help him destroy the 8.0.s glasses to bring on the 90s. As we find out in Vultraman 3, He too, is a ninja, and locks Vultraman out of Ninja 2016con. He has had many attempts in trying to break the glasses, as in Vultraman 1, 2 and 3.
     The Ninjas: The ninjas were peaceful folk who lived down in a hidden island, they were found after a long time of hiding and destroying any who find them, so Obama kidnapped the people and trained the to be elite ninjas, to destroy Vultraman. The ninjas accepted because they couldn't get back to the island, but Obama would send them back and never speak a word of them again, delete their personal files and have them live in secrecy on their island.


         Ninja Branth: Ninja Branth was ninja who worked patiently on good hearty meals for the ninjas. He made sandwiches some times, but he always got stuck in the mayonnaise jar. One day he came out of ninja 2016 con, Because he thought a hungry ninja had been thrown out of the convention. It turned out that it was Vultraman, and ninja Brant was beat up by Vultraman, but he just wanted to give a brother some food. It turns out that Ninja Branth was actually a Vultraman clone, but since he was dead, it didn't really matter. (Vultraman 3)
         Afro Ninja: Afro Ninja had a short, untimely life, and he was ultimately vanquished to the ghost zone. He appeared in Vultraman, Live Action! And challenged Vultraman to rock, paper, scissors, and lost to the best move in rock paper scissors, Vultra Punch. So long Afro Ninja.
         Terrorist Ninja: Terrorist Ninja had it coming to him. He had committed many crimes against Vultraman, and eventually, in Vultraman, live action! he was destroyed. Vultraman had used his special swaps to eliminate Terrorist Ninja,
         Terrorist Ninja's Brother: A brave ninja, who worked with Honey ninja, he took his immunization shot so he could survive Vultraman's deadly Vultra Punch. He was ultimately defeated by Vultraman, as Vultraman had used Star Finger, and turned him into a table. Legend says that he still is in that room as a table to this very day. He was in Vultraman 2.
         Honey Ninja: All good souls are bad at some point, and Vultraman's wife, Honey Wife, was once a ninja. Honey Ninja worked with Terrorist Ninja's Brother to take the Vultra Glasses. She had been brought back in other natural form, Honey. She had joined back up with Vultraman and they worked together once again. She appeared in Vultraman 2.
         Yellow Ninja: Yellow Ninja is a very confused character, being one of two ninja's to survive a Vultraman attack, He doesn't know why, and like he said, he still can't poop right. He needs some help, and visits a helper everyday, and needs to understand why he is alive. He is a very complex character, appearing in the Vultraman The filler episode.
         Teleporter Ninja: Teleporter Ninja teleported in from the Ghost Zone, and came to defeat Vultraman. She didn't last that long. In some countries they call her Malala.She was in Vultraman 3.
         Broken Arm Ninja: Broken Arm Ninja is another case of confusion, but he is a more chill dude, but still complex. He is the only other ninja to survive a Vultraman attack, the kamayayayayaya wave. He and Yellow Ninja survived this horror on the Vultraman filler episode. They both want to know why they survived the attack.
         Hidden Hotdog Ninja:
         Hipster Ninja:

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